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You Need a Budget

While it is possible to do hardware projects based on scrap alone, projects like this are ill-suited for beginners. Even simple projects like rotating a cat toy or automating a dispenser are turned into grueling, complicated projects when trying to use salvaged equipment. However, there are an infinite number of projects that can be done…
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Learn VI

A holy war has been raging since the 80’s between nerds all over the word about which command line editor is better to use. Command line editors are necessary when the only means of using a computer is via the terminal or command line, for example while remotely accessing a server or any computer that…
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From Mac to Penguin!

Do you have an old computer lying around and do not know what to do with it? Is it really old and not really worth anything? Before you throw it out in the garbage, try giving it a second life! I happen to have a bunch of old things around. Among them, an old 2nd…
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How to Install Windows 10 on an External Drive for Mac

If you’re a Mac user, you’ve probably run into those few softwares that are Windows only. Virtual machines are great for quick Windows tasks, but they lack power and are quite slow. If you have an extra hard drive laying about, you can turn it into a small Windows computer that you just plug and…
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Bash Scripting Tutorial for Beginners

Bash is a command language interpreter. It is widely available on various operating systems and is a default command interpreter on most GNU/Linux systems. The name is an acronym for the ‘Bourne-Again SHell’. You can find a beginner’s tutorial HERE.

Minecraft – Join Us!

Here is a little known fact: Being a Concordia student gives you free access to Minecraft educational edition. Since this is accessible to all students, the sandbox is hosting a server! So, how does one access this resource? To install and play Minecraft, you’ll first have to activate your @live.concordia.ca email address, as per the…
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Donating CPU cycles

Most computers these days are vastly overpowered for the meager browsing and word processing we do on them. Your laptop, even while watching YouTube with an essay in the background is still using only a fraction of its available system resources. If you don’t mind your machine running a bit hotter most of the time…
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