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Easy DIY Network services – TrueNAS

This week I did the easiest, cleanest, most effective server upgrade of my life. For those who have tried to “upgrade” an operating system in place, using the system tools, you know that it’s usually better to install the new version on a fresh slate. For those who don’t, I’m talking about the kind of…
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DIY DoorCam – Raspberry Pi

For those who saw the “Ring Video Doorbell” and didn’t want Amazon tracking your coming-and-going, your neighbors coming-and-going, etc, You can set up a system like this yourself. The fastest and easiest setup involves flashing an SD card with a special “img” file, plugging everything in (the camera, the SD card, the raspberry pi) and…
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DIY Netflix

Many of us have ended up with extensive digital media libraries over the years of old movies, shows, and music. A way to curate and watch this content is extremely useful, and it turns out pretty easy to set up. Furthermore, if you don’t have a digital media library, and you have a spare hard…
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