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Make Pixel Art for Video Games

Most indie games now use pixel art for their game assets. Pixel art is an easy to learn medium and looks great with less effort than 3D or vector art. Making pixel art for video games is a bit different than making pixel art as art pieces. This video HERE is a great guide to…
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Parallax Pixel Art Backgrounds

Parallax backgrounds are background with layers that move at different speeds to simulate depth. It is a really cool effect to add to games or animations. THIS tutorial shows how easy parallax is to do in Unity and includes the code used.

Pixel Art Normal Maps

If you’re wanting to make a 3D game with pixel art textures, ie. Minecraft-style, normal maps are an easy way to add depth and shading. Normal maps are a way of using a 2D texture to simulate depth and detail. Adding a normal map to your pixel art textures makes it look like the 2D…
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Tilesetter for Quicker Pixel Art

Making tile sets for games can be very time consuming and takes a lot of work to get the tiles to look well together. Tilesetter is tool that takes all the time and difficulty out of tile set making. Tilesetter can be downloaded from HERE. Tilesetter can quickly and easily create tile sets by attaching…
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How to Make Pixel Art

You know pixel art from retro games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario, but even now many indie games feature pixel art. Some of my favourite pixel art games are Celeste with its super smooth animations and Hyper Light Drifter with its cyberpunk colour palette and detailed environments. To get started making pixel art, I’ve…
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