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How to ‘Hack’ a Nintendo 3DS

Many of us have some old consoles and hardware lying around that we don’t know what to do with. Well, if you have an old Nintendo 3DS, you can install some custom firmware onto it that lets you do some cool new things with it. From homebrew games to custom themes and unlocking region-locked games,…
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An Intro to LoomieLive

LoomieLive is a software for virtual meeting avatars that’s currently in its beta release. LoomieLive reads your facial expressions through your webcam and mirrors them onto a virtual avatar. LoomieLive’s purpose is to let people use video even if they don’t wish to turn on their camera in virtual meetings. So now you can even…
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Donating CPU cycles

Most computers these days are vastly overpowered for the meager browsing and word processing we do on them. Your laptop, even while watching YouTube with an essay in the background is still using only a fraction of its available system resources. If you don’t mind your machine running a bit hotter most of the time…
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