Repair Tutorial for a Boxy Watch Winder.

Repair Tutorial for a Boxy Watch Winder.

This week’s post will be a repair tutorial for a Boxy watch winder. Watch winders are devices that will rotate your watch a specific amount of times a day. Why would you want to do that? Aside battery powered watches, there are automatic watches – these watches use springs and motions to keep themselves powered.

Onto the watch winder, Boxy makes various models but the single one is the most common. From my experience, they tend to fail often. Either the motor or the belt tends to go. The parts can be purchased in Canada if you contact the company.

In the center, there’s a screw sometimes hidden behind a sticker you can remove. To start, you unscrew it and you can remove the center piece that normally rotates.
You can see the center piece removed.

Now we flip the box.

There’s a cover that is just clipped on the back. You can pass a thin object between the cover and walls and pop it up. You can see the squares on the sides where it’s easier to pop it up. Then each hole has screws holding the whole thing together. Unscrew them.
This is with the screws taken off, it exposes the motor (purple) and the main board at the bottom. The back cover you will take will have a connector that is plugged on the complete right of the main board. You will have to remove it to give you better access. If your belt is broken, you can replace it, test it and if it works just reassemble it.
Now if you’re not lucky and have to remove the motor, you’ll have to undo the middle connector on the board and the two screws on the front side holding the motor.

This shows the two front screws holding the motor. From there, you can remove and swap the motor and reassemble the box.

Ta-da! You’ve just fixed your watch winder.