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Android Application Development: How to build ARCore Android App

In my previous article, I have talked about installing the android studio in the system and the simple Hello World application in android. Today, we are going to talk about how we can develop the AR android application using Sceneform Android Library. So, let’s dig into it. Step 1: Create a new project You can…
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Import 3D Model to A-Frame AR

In the previous article, we learned how to create a simple AR application using A-Frame. I used a predefined 3D model to demonstrate how A-Frame works. In this article, we learn how to import a 3D model to our application and use it as a floating object in our AR world. 3D model You can…
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Easy AR with A-Frame

Imagine you want to buy a couch for your apartment. You should think about its color, style, position, size, and so many factors that you might miss. You think about all of them and buy the coach and when the company delivers the couch and puts it in your hall, you want to hit your…
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