Category: Virtual Sandbox

Back to the future – Ready player one

Ready player one is a sci-fi movie premiered in 2018, it tells a story happen in 2045 where people seek to escape from reality through the virtual reality entertainment universe called the OASIS. Tons of concepts that are shown in the movie seem very close to what we have nowadays. That makes me wonder if…
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Intro to Data Science

If you’re interested in learning data science or machine learning, the Data Professor on YouTube is a great place to start. Data science is a massive field, and can even touch other fields such as machine learning and big data. Python and Jupyter notebook are the most common tools for data science and are what…
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Show and Tell Mar. 1

This week’s show and tell we’ll be going over 2 key encryption and specifically, using GPG. The zoom meeting will be HERE at 1pm on Tuesday. Or you can join with meeting ID: 829 7708 3019 and password: 982778.

Helicopter Game with C++

For all the 90s kids, this was one of the most favorite games and very easy to implement! In this project, we will use SDL graphics. The goal of the game is to move the helicopter forward without touching the obstacles. The player should control the game through keys, holding the key moves the helicopter,…
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Pixel Art Normal Maps

If you’re wanting to make a 3D game with pixel art textures, ie. Minecraft-style, normal maps are an easy way to add depth and shading. Normal maps are a way of using a 2D texture to simulate depth and detail. Adding a normal map to your pixel art textures makes it look like the 2D…
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Show and Tell Feb. 23

This week’s show and tell we’ll be looking at Lua and the LÖVE game engine. I will show a small puzzle game made with LÖVE (pun intended). The zoom meeting will be HERE at 1pm on Tuesday. Or you can join with meeting ID: 829 7708 3019 and password: 982778.

Git Good

If you’re looking to get serious about coding and make more projects, you’ll need to learn git to avoid a lot of headaches. Git is a version control software that tracks your changes and lets you revert to past versions if needed. HERE is a great guide to learn git. GitHub is where you can…
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Casino Number Guessing Game with C+

This is an exciting project, where we will learn about the library used for random numbers: cstdlib. The program asks for a betting amount and then asks the user to guess a number on rolling. If the random number generated matches the user input, he wins, else money is deducted. The user can keep playing…
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Let Lua Take You to the Moon

Lua is a programming language used for some game engines and is great to learn. Lua is very similar to python and javascript and is easy for beginners to learn. HERE is a quick guide to get started with Lua.

Show and Tell Feb 16th

We will have our usual show and tell this week. We are going to talk about Big Data! Join the zoom meeting Join the zoom meeting HERE at 1pm on Tuesday, February 16th. Or with meeting ID: 829 7708 3019 and password: 982778.