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How to Create Simple Interactive Fiction Games through Twine! July 28th @ 2 pm

If you’re an aspiring video game developer or just want to do something for fun, Twine is a great solution! It’s a free, open source, interactive fiction game creator, that makes video game creation simple and fun. Join here to see a demo on the basics of Twine and some of the easiest ways to…
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The Easiest Way to Create an Interactive Fiction Game

Twine, created by Chris Klimas, is a free, open-source software that can be used online and offline to easily create interactive fiction games. The clean interface and tools make even the most complicated game enjoyable to create. ¬†Twine has great style formats that make it easy for anybody, especially those who are unfamiliar with coding,…
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Photopia: One of the Best Interactive Fiction Games

Photopia is an interactive fiction game made by Adam Cadre in which you can make decisions for the character and shift the direction of the story at your own will. You can decide whether to move east or west, the dialogue, what to pick up, and so much more. The premise of an interactive fiction…
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