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  • Show & Tell: Fluid Dynamics in Blender-August 11th at 2:00 pm
    Remember to come and join us on Zoom HERE this Wednesday, August 11th at 2pm for our final Show & Tell this summer before we begin physically preparing for the Sandbox’s opening. This week , we will be looking at the powerful and versatile blender program where I will be demonstrating it’s ability to calculate…
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  • Let’s Create Mario Game with GDevelop5 on 4th August @ 2 pm
    We will learn how to create the Mario Game with GDevelop5 open-source game development software. You can check it out by joining here. If you want to follow up you can download the software from here.
  • How to Create Simple Interactive Fiction Games through Twine! July 28th @ 2 pm
    If you’re an aspiring video game developer or just want to do something for fun, Twine is a great solution! It’s a free, open source, interactive fiction game creator, that makes video game creation simple and fun. Join here to see a demo on the basics of Twine and some of the easiest ways to…
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  • Gaze at the Stars with Stellarium : Show & Tell July 21st @ 2:00 pm
    Image Source: Ever wanted to be a junior astronomer but you just don’t have the proper equipment or perhaps you live in a big city with far too much light pollution? Even if the idea has you somewhat interested, come and join us This Wednesday, July 21st at 2pm on Zoom HERE where we…
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  • Live Session 14 July
    Grab a snack with you. We gonna try to beat the machine learning model. Join here.
  • PyGame: Let’s beat the machine learning model
    Today, this week we will be doing a fun activity as we always do but this time we will try to beat the machine learning model. Wait, what!!! Can it be possible?? I don’t know the answer to the question.😬 But this is the competition between us and the machine learning model. Let’s start setting…
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  • Shotcut: Live session July 7th at 2:00 pm
    In this demo I will be showing a new free open source video editing software called Shotcut! Shotcut is a great advanced video editor for newbs and experts, with a wide range of effect, tools, and features to help you create your best videos and films. To learn simple effects and tools within Shotcut click…
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  • Develop, Collaborate, Present. Live Session 30th June
    We are going to talk about a perfect platform that helps us code together and see the results instantly together. And guess what! It’s Free. Also, we are going to take a short look at Kaggle for Machine learning enthusiasts. It’s a good way to boost machine learning algorithm processing using cloud-based GPU and CPU.…
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  • Spice up your Discord Server : Show & Tell June 23rd @ 2:00 pm
    Image Source: Some of you may be familiar with Discord, which has become much more popular with the non-gaming crowds since Covid took over for normal. No matter what you may use discord for, there are some really neat things you can add to your server to make it more engaging for you, your…
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