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AutoDesk TinkerCad: Free & Accessible Arduino Simulation!

Image Source: https://www.doplay.es/product/tinkercad-simulador-arduino-online-trimestral/ Recently, I was introduced to a website called AutoDesk TinkerCad, and while I have been familiar with its “3D-Designs” functionality, I only recently discovered that it has a pretty nifty Arduino Simulator as well. I wanted to make a quick mention of it because the Technology Sandbox is looking to open sometime…
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Talking buttons!

this tutorial teaches you how to make talking buttons with an Arduino kit, of course, you need some extra material that costs less than 30$ but it is an easy DIY. The buttons are for training your pet dogs so read my last post first ;).

Let’s teach them to talk!

Dog lovers! Do you want to know what your dogs are thinking when they are barking or crying, and you get mad sometimes? Like babies, they can not express themselves with words, so they bark and break furniture to show their emotions and needs. Have you ever watched a video where a cute shepherd named…
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building a self-watering system using Arduino

Some times I just forget about watering my plants, I’m sure you do too, so I got myself an Arduino kit and make a system that water my plants for me also log data such as soil and lighting. I followed this tutorial. Have fun with your Arduino kit if you have one on hand!…
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LED Controller Using an Arduino and MOSFET

Over the semester, I was interested in building an LED controller to control the intensity of lights and I figured I would share a very basic way of doing it. I couldn’t find any guides that were exactly what I wanted but this might be useful to some. The plan was to run 12v LEDs…
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How to Make Your Own DIY Ambilight

An Ambilight is lights that you put behind your monitor or TV that match the colours on screen to add extra immersion. Ambilights are expensive to buy, so we’ll make our own with Arduinos and addressable leds. This tutorial HERE goes through how to make your own DIY Ambilight.

Lets get some strippers in here!

Dealing with electronics, we’ll inevitably need to deal with wires at one point or another. The first thing you’ll have to do is to strip the insulation to get to the meat of it, so to speak. So what are your options? Here’s a video about the different options: As covered in our Show &…
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Shut up and take my Arduino!

Have you ever had an idea so ridiculous you thought it couldn’t be useful? Have you ever wondered to which extent you can go with an Arduino or other micro controller? Lets push some of these boundaries of knowledge with… useless and even dangerous Arduino projects! First and favorite contender, the auto shoelaces! If you…
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Storage Bonanzas!

Following this week’s show and tell, I will be talking a little bit about organization. There are many ways to organize electronic parts. As discussed, there is the good old way of reusing cardboard boxes and throwing everything in there. As a step above, you can use giant plastic storage bins and milk crates. For…
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Need an Arduino? Let me hook you up!

In normal times, you could walk in the Sandbox, we explain to you how the lending process works and eventually you leave with an Arduino kit (or many other things we have available on loan…). While our loans are not currently available, fret not, we’ve got you! Have you been wanting to try a arduino…
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