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Android Application Development: How to build ARCore Android App

In my previous article, I have talked about installing the android studio in the system and the simple Hello World application in android. Today, we are going to talk about how we can develop the AR android application using Sceneform Android Library. So, let’s dig into it. Step 1: Create a new project You can…
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Learning Swift step by step

Swift is a programming language for the IOS system, I myself, as a big fan of Apple products was really interested in making an application of my own. Programming sounds scary so it took me a while to get me into the right mindset to take on the challenge. However, once I started I found…
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Learning how to code with Swift – building ios applications

In the last tutorial of the ios application building, I learned that I need to start with knowing how to code with Swift. I already downloaded Xcode (go check the last tutorial!) and I will be work from there. This tutorial is three hours and a half long but it is divided into very easy…
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