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Make Pixel Art for Video Games

Most indie games now use pixel art for their game assets. Pixel art is an easy to learn medium and looks great with less effort than 3D or vector art. Making pixel art for video games is a bit different than making pixel art as art pieces. This video HERE is a great guide to…
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Don’t Play These Games

Zero player games are a type of video game that requires no players. Zero players games are more like simulations than games, but they are still enjoyable. They’re like a virtual fish tank to watch and enjoy. The game of life by Conway is the most well-known zero player game. There’s an online version you…
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Parallax Pixel Art Backgrounds

Parallax backgrounds are background with layers that move at different speeds to simulate depth. It is a really cool effect to add to games or animations. THIS tutorial shows how easy parallax is to do in Unity and includes the code used.

AI Image Upscaler

If you’ve just found the perfect background for your computer, but then you try it and it looks fuzzy and has a low resolution. You can use an image upscaler to take a low resolution image and turn into a higher resolution image. Machine learning has made image upscaling easy and gives much better results…
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Make Some Monsters

If you want to try 3D modelling and animating and just play around, try this fun 3D modelling project from a recent research paper. HERE is a video explaining the paper and showing how to use the software to create some cute monsters. HERE is the web-based version of the project where you can try…
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Making Games with LÖVE

The LÖVE game engine is a small, open-source game engine for making 2D games. LÖVE uses Lua code for its scripts and it easy and quick to learn. LÖVE is a good engine for prototyping or just playing around making small games. LÖVE’s website is HERE, where you can download the engine and see some…
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Where to Find Free Game Assets

Game development requires a myriad of skills from making art to programming, and you may not want to spend all of your time making hundreds of sprites before even coding anything. Here are some websites where you can find some free game assets that you can just download and stick into your game. Itch.io has…
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Free and Open-Source Games to Play

With game prices ever climbing, you might want to check out some other sources of games that are all free. You may have to dig a bit to find some hidden gems, but that’s part of the experience. Itch.io is a great source for some free or cheap indie games. Many of the games are…
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Control Your PC Gaming

Since finals have ended and we have an extended winter break, its time to take a break from work and have some fun playing video games. If you want to do some PC gaming, but don’t want to use a keyboard, you can grab a controller from another console and use it to play on…
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My Dear Watson, What Have You Cooked Today?

Have you ever heard of the term “cognitive cooking” ? When you thought machines are taking over many aspects of our lives and they couldn’t take over more, here I present you Chef Watson by IBM! Essentially a computer that has been trained to recognize food pairings and flavours, it has released it’s first cooking…
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