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3D Geeks: Everything you need to know

Hello, Today we will talk about the 3D Geeks app which provides all the features such as finding, saving, and uploading 3D models to your printer. To perform the 3D printing, first, we need to find the 3D model from websites such as Thingiverse, then we have to device to slice the model file into…
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YouTube: Stream the audio and video Ad-Free

Hello, this week we will talk about the free version of YouTube Music and stream the videos without any ads which mean you don’t have to pay for purchasing the subscription for the ad-free music and videos. You can have a subscription-free mobile app and desktop software. 🤩😎 Follow the steps to have a free…
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Android Application Development: How to build ARCore Android App

In my previous article, I have talked about installing the android studio in the system and the simple Hello World application in android. Today, we are going to talk about how we can develop the AR android application using Sceneform Android Library. So, let’s dig into it. Step 1: Create a new project You can…
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Android Application Development: Hello World

Today, this week we will talk about how the basic android application is created. Wanna learn how android applications are made? Prerequisites Android Studio Basics of Java programming OOPs concept If you have all these prerequisites, you are good to go for the development of android applications. For starting application development, first, we need to…
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Phone booting Ubuntu Touch

Linux on Your “android” Phone

Many a power-user are chaffed by the limitations android has when it comes to running certain software. A phone is a pocket-computer at the end of the day, and it has every capacity to run the same software as a laptop or desktop computer, in theory. The easiest way to install linux on your android…
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