YouTube: Stream the audio and video Ad-Free

YouTube: Stream the audio and video Ad-Free

Hello, this week we will talk about the free version of YouTube Music and stream the videos without any ads which mean you don’t have to pay for purchasing the subscription for the ad-free music and videos. You can have a subscription-free mobile app and desktop software. 🀩😎 Follow the steps to have a free version of youtube on your machine.

For Android

Step 1.

Download and Install the YouTube Vanced manager on your android device. After installing, the app will look like this

Step 2:

After that, install the Vanced microG from the Vanced Manager. Vanced microG is used to enable the google sign-in feature. To sync, your current youtube recommendation, playlist, and other settings. If you want your playlist and recommendation in the free version of youtube then you can follow this step else you this is an optional step.

Step 3:

Now, you can see the YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced in the list. Install it on your device. Hurray!!! 😎🀩 Now you have the free version of YouTube and YouTube Music.

For iOS

For iOS, the YouTube Vanced is still under development but there is also another alternative available which is called YouTube++. Following are the steps to install YouTube++ on your iOS.

  1. Uninstall the installed version of YouTube app from your device.
  2. Download and install the AltStore on your iPhone.
  3. Launch Safari browser on your device and download the YouTube++ IPA file. You can download the IPA from here.
  4. Once you downloaded the IPA file, open AltStore on your iPhone and navigate to the My App tab at the bottom of the app.
  5. Press the + icon at the top left corner to add a new app. You will get the list of all IPAs you have downloaded with Safari. Tap on the YouTube++ IPA file that you downloaded in the previous step.
  6. AltStore will start installing the app. This process takes a couple of minutes. Once installation is completed, YouTube++ will appear on the My Apps tab and, you can open it from the Home Screen.

For Windows, Linux and MAC

For windows, you can simply download the exe file from here. Install it on your machine and enjoy playing your favourite music.

For linux, you can download the app image from here. OR simply type the following command in the terminal.

sudo snap install youtube-music-desktop-app

For mac, you can download the dmg file from here. Install it on your MAC.

There is also an open source github project availabel in which you can clone it and create your own youtube music plugins as per your requirements. To begin with, download the repository on your machine. To create the plugin you must have following software and library installed.

Then you can start developing using the following commands. Moreover, provides clear steps that how one can develop their own plugins.

cd youtube-music
yarn start

That’s all for this week. You can tell your friends about YouTube Music so that they can also save several bucks paying for the subscription. Enjoy playing music. 🎼🎢