3D Geeks: Everything you need to know

3D Geeks: Everything you need to know

Hello, Today we will talk about the 3D Geeks app which provides all the features such as finding, saving, and uploading 3D models to your printer.

To perform the 3D printing, first, we need to find the 3D model from websites such as Thingiverse, then we have to device to slice the model file into G-Code. After that, we have to send the G-Code file to the 3D printer so that it can start printing which is a time-consuming process. Now, if I tell you all the things can be done with a few clicks using your smartphone or browser. Yesss!!! This can be done!!

3D Geeks is an application that provides all such functionality that makes 3D printing easily accessible and minimizes the hardware and software requirements. It is available for iPhone, android, octoprint, and chrome browser too.

Features of 3D Geeks

  • In-app integration of Thingiverse through which you can directly search 3d model instead of visiting Thingiverse website.
  • OctoPrint integration and notification
  • 3d printing forum where you can post the difficulties and get the answers.
  • Share the 3d model with friends.
  • Download .stl files, and print them easily from your 3d printers.
  • Follow users.

There are many more features provided in this multiplatform application. You can download it from here and start exploring. For your reference, I have linked the official video of 3D Geeks which shows the features and basic tutorials for printing 3D models.

Happy 3D printing 😁