Android Application Development: Hello World

Android Application Development: Hello World

Today, this week we will talk about how the basic android application is created. Wanna learn how android applications are made?


  • Android Studio
  • Basics of Java programming
  • OOPs concept

If you have all these prerequisites, you are good to go for the development of android applications. For starting application development, first, we need to install the Android Studio on our machine. Installing the android studio is a very tedious task. If you have installed Android Studio without any error then you are lucky. You can find how to install the Android Studio on your machine. Make sure while installing Android Studio you are connected to the internet. Because it needs to install the external libraries.

After installing, If you have the screen like me, then you are now on the path of becoming an android developer. Click on the create a new project to create the new android studio project.

For now, select the Empty Activity and click on the Next button

Then you have to name your project. I have named as HelloWorld. Make sure you don’t give any space in giving the project name. Change the save location if you want. Select the language as Java, Then click on the Finish button.

This is the final screen, where have to code the android application. No need to worry if you don’t understand.

Navigate to the res -> layout -> activity_main.xml. You will see the GUI like me. It shows the Android Application UI Screen, in which in middle the Hello World is written. Now we will change this text and then run this application. Click on the TextView on the UI screen. Edit the text.

Edit the text you want in your android application to display.

For this, you have done a lot of tasks, now it’s time to install the android hello world application on our android device. Click on the play button. It will start building Gradle and if your computer configuration is good then you can have your application within a second otherwise you have to wait for the minutes. It will open the android device in our machine.

Congratulations!!! You have created your first mobile application !!!