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Omnidirectional Treadmill for VR-ready player one

In ready player one, when Wade is using his VR headset to get into the Oasis world, the platform he was using really caught my eyes, it is a deck where the player can walk, run in every direction without needing a large space. There are some companies that are working on something similar and…
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Liftware steady

When patients suffer from tremors, it is very hard for them to have a quality life. They can’t eat properly. They can’t write properly, let alone drawing and other daily activities that require a pair of steady hands. With this technology, people with tremors will have a life with better quality and have a chance…
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Mayku FormBox

This gadget allows you to make molding way easier; use it with your 3d printer. You can make your object out of raisin, concrete, and even chocolate! Here’s how you can use it!

Build a drone out of lego

Are you a big fan of lego? DO you have any plans to buy a drone? This video will save you a lot of money! And you will have a lot of fun!

Stop motion film

I watched the movie missing link again last week and was amazed by the movie, thinking every frame is made by taking pictures and put countless pictures together into a one-and-a-half-hour movie. Here is a video on how the company Laika made the movie. And some basics about stop motion. Try make one of your…
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A good drone for a broke student

IF you want to take good pictures or videos from the sky, a drone will help you with that, but drones can be very expensive, as a student, we might not have that much money to throw so picking a good drone with a limit budget is what this video is for.

Back to the future – Ready player one

Ready player one is a sci-fi movie premiered in 2018, it tells a story happen in 2045 where people seek to escape from reality through the virtual reality entertainment universe called the OASIS. Tons of concepts that are shown in the movie seem very close to what we have nowadays. That makes me wonder if…
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How foldable screens work definitely not magic

This is a fun video explains how the newest trending technology foldable screen work (business secret not included it’s just what we know so far).

Scale Your Resolution With Your USB-C Hub

Following lat week’s articles about USB-C connections, I thought I would follow up with the USB-C Hubs people often start looking for when getting a new laptop these days. Most new laptops are coming with more and more USB-C ports replacing the older style USB ones we are used to (or only USB-C, looking at…
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A Guide to USB-C, to Help You See More Clearly

USB-C is the new standard for ports but what was supposed to be a new universal connector can be slightly confusing at times as not all are equal. Have you been trying to connect your USB-C device like a laptop to an external monitor or to charge it and it is not working? Here’s a…
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