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Hello World Tutorial for Coding Newbs

If you’re like me and you’re new to coding software, then this Hello World tutorial is a great one since it’s an awesome way to become more comfortable with commands and command terminology. It gives simple steps to help complete your first window using the KDE framework and code. When beginning this tutorial, you’ll need…
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Installing Kdenlive through Command line!

Kdenlive is a great free opensource alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro, making it accessible to anyone with a computer and also allowing you to tweak whatever you feel is necessary through code. In this article I will be explaining how to install Kdenlive through their source code which will give you the freedom to edit…
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Edutainment: Learn to Code While Playing Minecraft!

Image source: https://mspoweruser.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/code-builder-minecraft.jpg By this point in time, we are probably all familiar with the Java-based wonder that is Minecraft, which became one of the most beloved PC games that attracted both children and adults. These days, calling it a PC game doesn’t really do it justice as it has been available on just about…
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