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The Best Way to Motion Track in Kdenlive

I have previously written an article on how to easy use an effect to easily generate keyframes that track the movement of something in Kdenlive, but I recently discovered an even more effective way to do so with more accurate tracking and no bugs that need to be solved through nightly builds. This tutorial will…
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Android Application Development: Hello World

Today, this week we will talk about how the basic android application is created. Wanna learn how android applications are made? Prerequisites Android Studio Basics of Java programming OOPs concept If you have all these prerequisites, you are good to go for the development of android applications. For starting application development, first, we need to…
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Adobe Premiere: Bug Eye Effect

For some people, the bug eye effect is useful for film projects, while for others, it’s just fun or even both! This effect makes the talent’s eyes appear large and buggy in a seamless manner. Meticulous key-framing (or not, depending on your style preference) is the most difficult part, but that being said, even that…
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Kerbal Space Program: Let Python Put You Into Orbit.

Some of my favorite hobbies are the ones that involve playing games and picking up practical skills, and it’s even better when I can enjoy both at the same time. One of my favorite games to learn with and pass the time is Kerbal Space Program, and a computer language that I have been learning…
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How to make sunlight?

Sunlight is probably my favorite kind of light, however, my apartment doesn’t get much sunlight, until I saw this tutorial that might solve the problem. And also good for your plants!

Omnidirectional Treadmill for VR-ready player one

In ready player one, when Wade is using his VR headset to get into the Oasis world, the platform he was using really caught my eyes, it is a deck where the player can walk, run in every direction without needing a large space. There are some companies that are working on something similar and…
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Liftware steady

When patients suffer from tremors, it is very hard for them to have a quality life. They can’t eat properly. They can’t write properly, let alone drawing and other daily activities that require a pair of steady hands. With this technology, people with tremors will have a life with better quality and have a chance…
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Resin printed keycaps

I will have two keyboards coming but haven’t got any keycaps for them, so I just want to try what if I print one using a resin printer. First step I found some design that I want to put on the keycaps, I found a bender (the robot from Futurama) one, then I check what…
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Show & Tell! 08.Oct 2020

This week’s show and tell will be all about Mechanical keyboards. I explain how they function and take apart a keyboard to show you how it works! It starts at 14:30 and goes for an hour. Zoom Meeting ID: 788 751 7568 Password: 244979

Why mechanical switches

The world is divided into two, those who use a mechanical keyboard and those who don’t. A mechanical keyboard is not just a more expensive option for geeks. It is a unique typing experience that can be tailored to different needs. Whether you want to type quietly in a library or loud enough to wake…
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