Resin printed keycaps

Resin printed keycaps

I will have two keyboards coming but haven’t got any keycaps for them, so I just want to try what if I print one using a resin printer.

First step

I found some design that I want to put on the keycaps, I found a bender (the robot from Futurama) one, then I check what type of keycaps my keyboard needs, download the STL file from a website like Thingiverse.

Now I have a bender head and a keycap base that fits my board, open Tinker cad. Load both files, what I did here is I combine an empty square with the part I don’t want, just like cutting the part off, and I combine the design with the keycap.

And BAM, you have a drowning bender on your keycap!

save the file as different files depend on your printer and print!