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how to make a screen from the future volume 2

There is another easy way for your dream to come true. This one is called a 3D hologram fan. One reminder about this is do not try to interact with it or you might lose your fingers. not like the real hologram from my last post, this one achieve its purpose by displaying a video…
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how to make a screen from the future volume 1

Ever seen the cool hologram screen you can interact with and just pop up in the mid-air in a lot of sci-fi movies and you always want one since you’re a kid? This video might make your dream come true!

building a self-watering system using Arduino

Some times I just forget about watering my plants, I’m sure you do too, so I got myself an Arduino kit and make a system that water my plants for me also log data such as soil and lighting. I followed this tutorial. Have fun with your Arduino kit if you have one on hand!…
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Becoming an emoji

people on Snapchat, Instagram are big fans of putting emoji on their faces for the past few years, iPhone also has a new feature that you can use the camera to make yourself a unicorn (or a monkey or everything else). There are also sites like face rig that provides the service. All you need…
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Show and tell Dec. 3!

For this time’s show and tell, I will show some fun music games and applications, and I will recommend some tutorials for music production beginners. Meeting start at 2:30 and go for about an hour. Password: 244979

Everything you need to know first about Photoshop

Photoshop is a very useful tool, not only you can adjust the photos you take to make them gorgeous the way you want, but also, create a world that only exist in your imagination. Here is a free tutorial on youtube for you if you’re a beginner. It introduces some of the most used technics…
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How bone conduction headphone works

I just got a phone conduction headphone and it works really well! So I was wondering how it works, so here is a video on how they work, comparisons between the two versions .

Do you really know Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform. You can find over 130000 courses about all kinds of things. Concordia provides free Udemy classes from Udemy Business, including less but more focus on improving interpersonal skills. Log into Udemy from myConcordia-accounts and settings-Udemy, use your netname and password and you can start using Udemy. You…
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Resin printed keycaps

I will have two keyboards coming but haven’t got any keycaps for them, so I just want to try what if I print one using a resin printer. First step I found some design that I want to put on the keycaps, I found a bender (the robot from Futurama) one, then I check what…
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touch bar games

Do you have a mac pro with a touch bar? If you have one or planning on getting one, There are some cute you can play using your touch bar! touch bar pet is a touch bar game you can download for your Mac pro touch bar, similar to the popular Tamagotchi digital pet, when…
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