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Angular Chess

I love playing chess. I also love programming. How to marry the two? How about playing chess against a chess engine (chess playing program) that I have designed and wrote? If you are intrigued- read on! This is the first blog post in the series about building my chess engine in Java. The rules of…
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how to make a screen from the future volume 2

There is another easy way for your dream to come true. This one is called a 3D hologram fan. One reminder about this is do not try to interact with it or you might lose your fingers. not like the real hologram from my last post, this one achieve its purpose by displaying a video…
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Learn VI

A holy war has been raging since the 80’s between nerds all over the word about which command line editor is better to use. Command line editors are necessary when the only means of using a computer is via the terminal or command line, for example while remotely accessing a server or any computer that…
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how to make a screen from the future volume 1

Ever seen the cool hologram screen you can interact with and just pop up in the mid-air in a lot of sci-fi movies and you always want one since you’re a kid? This video might make your dream come true!

Making Terrain in Unity and Unreal

Both Unity and Unreal engines have tools for you to make large, spanning landscapes for games or just for rendering a scene. Both engines have landscape tools such as sculpting, texture painting, and foliage painting to help create a detailed, alive landscape. A tutorial for terrain creation in Unity can be found HERE. A similar…
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A Guide to USB-C, to Help You See More Clearly

USB-C is the new standard for ports but what was supposed to be a new universal connector can be slightly confusing at times as not all are equal. Have you been trying to connect your USB-C device like a laptop to an external monitor or to charge it and it is not working? Here’s a…
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Join us for winter Zoom meetups here!

“Show and tell” your projects, hear more details on the week’s tutorials, or just say hi. This semester we will use the a recurring meeting, so starting January 19th until April 13th (inclusive) you can join our Zoom meetings here. Just to recap that is every Tuesday, from 1-2 pm. If you prefer to join…
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Login and Registration System with C++

To practice learning C++, you can do a lot of projects from easy to advanced levels. Each of these projects that we are going to talk about during this semester will teach you something new so that you are familiar with the most important topics that will always come in handy when you build real-world…
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building a self-watering system using Arduino

Some times I just forget about watering my plants, I’m sure you do too, so I got myself an Arduino kit and make a system that water my plants for me also log data such as soil and lighting. I followed this tutorial. Have fun with your Arduino kit if you have one on hand!…
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Build A JavaScript Mouseover Element

Another bit of JavaScript goodness you’ve come to rely on online is the mouseover effect—instances where hovering a mouse over a certain icon or area on a screen produces an action or result from the spot where you’re hovering. Mouseovers are a routine part of JavaScript development, so spending your time on a quick mouseover…
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