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Useful Sources to Get Started in Twine

Twine is a free, open source, interactive game creator, that is simple and easy for anyone wishing to play around with game development. There is a wide array of tools to use including different tasks, formats, tags, and many more. To make things a bit easier for you, I am providing a short list of…
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Logo Programming: Snake Game using Python

Hello, this week we will be exploring logo programming. Yes, using python is it can be done. Python is a very rich language it comes with a preinstalled library called a turtle. Python turtle library comes with a similar interactive feature that gives new programmers a taste of what it’s like to work with Python.…
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3-D Game Development Unity: Creating Project and Importing Assets

Last week, I wrote an article about getting started in Unity. Well, this week we will talk about how to create a project in unity as well as how to import assets in the unity project. If you have a problem installing the unity software in your machine or your computation power is slow. No…
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Android Application Development: Hello World

Today, this week we will talk about how the basic android application is created. Wanna learn how android applications are made? Prerequisites Android Studio Basics of Java programming OOPs concept If you have all these prerequisites, you are good to go for the development of android applications. For starting application development, first, we need to…
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Creating Village In A-frame Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality (VR) experiences. A-Frame is based on top of HTML, making it simple to get started. In the previous week, I was exploring the A-Frame framework.  I have created a village in the A-Frame framework. Let’s get started. How I did this ?? The only thing you…
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Kerbal Space Program: Let Python Put You Into Orbit.

Some of my favorite hobbies are the ones that involve playing games and picking up practical skills, and it’s even better when I can enjoy both at the same time. One of my favorite games to learn with and pass the time is Kerbal Space Program, and a computer language that I have been learning…
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building a self-watering system using Arduino

Some times I just forget about watering my plants, I’m sure you do too, so I got myself an Arduino kit and make a system that water my plants for me also log data such as soil and lighting. I followed this tutorial. Have fun with your Arduino kit if you have one on hand!…
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Becoming an emoji

people on Snapchat, Instagram are big fans of putting emoji on their faces for the past few years, iPhone also has a new feature that you can use the camera to make yourself a unicorn (or a monkey or everything else). There are also sites like face rig that provides the service. All you need…
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How bone conduction headphone works

I just got a phone conduction headphone and it works really well! So I was wondering how it works, so here is a video on how they work, comparisons between the two versions .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qaXj0MHLY0

Throwing Shade[rs] at Unity

When flat colors and textures aren’t enough to make your game look good, that’s where shaders come in. Shaders are responsible for water, glowing, and swaying grass in video games. Shaders can change the entire look and style of a game, and Unity has now made an easier way to create shaders in a GUI…
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