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building a self-watering system using Arduino

Some times I just forget about watering my plants, I’m sure you do too, so I got myself an Arduino kit and make a system that water my plants for me also log data such as soil and lighting. I followed this tutorial. Have fun with your Arduino kit if you have one on hand!…
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Becoming an emoji

people on Snapchat, Instagram are big fans of putting emoji on their faces for the past few years, iPhone also has a new feature that you can use the camera to make yourself a unicorn (or a monkey or everything else). There are also sites like face rig that provides the service. All you need…
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How bone conduction headphone works

I just got a phone conduction headphone and it works really well! So I was wondering how it works, so here is a video on how they work, comparisons between the two versions .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qaXj0MHLY0

Throwing Shade[rs] at Unity

When flat colors and textures aren’t enough to make your game look good, that’s where shaders come in. Shaders are responsible for water, glowing, and swaying grass in video games. Shaders can change the entire look and style of a game, and Unity has now made an easier way to create shaders in a GUI…
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Lets get some strippers in here!

Dealing with electronics, we’ll inevitably need to deal with wires at one point or another. The first thing you’ll have to do is to strip the insulation to get to the meat of it, so to speak. So what are your options? Here’s a video about the different options: As covered in our Show &…
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Repair Tutorial for a Boxy Watch Winder.

This week’s post will be a repair tutorial for a Boxy watch winder. Watch winders are devices that will rotate your watch a specific amount of times a day. Why would you want to do that? Aside battery powered watches, there are automatic watches – these watches use springs and motions to keep themselves powered.…
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Circuit Simulation – circuitry to enhance your life!

Originally this post was going to be about EveryCircuit. Every circuit is an app (IOS/Android) that allows you to drag and drop electrical components and power sources and link them together. It then shows you how the circuit would behave if you actually acquired and connected real components together. I have recommended this paid app…
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Python HTTP Server

Welcome to another Python tutorial everyone! Web severs are everywhere. Heck you are interacting with one right now! What is an HTTP Server? An HTTP web server is nothing but a process that is running on your machine and does exactly two things: 1- Listens for incoming http requests on a specific TCP socket address (IP address…
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Why mechanical keyboards -keyboard sizes

Before I got into mechanical keyboards, I thought keyboards come in at most two sizes, the keyboard like the one in every laptop and the “bigger ones” with a number pad and other things. Now I know that there are way more than that. Other than that, they are not only come with the most…
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How to Install Windows 10 on an External Drive for Mac

If you’re a Mac user, you’ve probably run into those few softwares that are Windows only. Virtual machines are great for quick Windows tasks, but they lack power and are quite slow. If you have an extra hard drive laying about, you can turn it into a small Windows computer that you just plug and…
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