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The Best Way to Motion Track in Kdenlive

I have previously written an article on how to easy use an effect to easily generate keyframes that track the movement of something in Kdenlive, but I recently discovered an even more effective way to do so with more accurate tracking and no bugs that need to be solved through nightly builds. This tutorial will…
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Motion Tracking in Kdenlive!

Kdenlive is a great open source video editing software that has loads of intricate features to allow you to edit and create complex videos for free! As an avid Premiere Pro user, I highly recommend using Kdenlive since it has a lot of similar features and tools without needing to pay anything.  This tutorial will…
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Adobe Premiere: Bug Eye Effect

For some people, the bug eye effect is useful for film projects, while for others, it’s just fun or even both! This effect makes the talent’s eyes appear large and buggy in a seamless manner. Meticulous key-framing (or not, depending on your style preference) is the most difficult part, but that being said, even that…
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