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Unity for 3D Animation with Cinemachine

Unity is not just a game engine, but can be used for 3D animation too. Unity has a built in package called Cinemachine that helps you create dynamic cameras and switch between shots easily. Cinemachine can also be used in games to make cameras that follow objects or switch between each other easily. A great…
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Let Lua Take You to the Moon

Lua is a programming language used for some game engines and is great to learn. Lua is very similar to python and javascript and is easy for beginners to learn. HERE is a quick guide to get started with Lua.

Making Games with LÖVE

The LÖVE game engine is a small, open-source game engine for making 2D games. LÖVE uses Lua code for its scripts and it easy and quick to learn. LÖVE is a good engine for prototyping or just playing around making small games. LÖVE’s website is HERE, where you can download the engine and see some…
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Where to Find Free Game Assets

Game development requires a myriad of skills from making art to programming, and you may not want to spend all of your time making hundreds of sprites before even coding anything. Here are some websites where you can find some free game assets that you can just download and stick into your game. Itch.io has…
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Making Terrain in Unity and Unreal

Both Unity and Unreal engines have tools for you to make large, spanning landscapes for games or just for rendering a scene. Both engines have landscape tools such as sculpting, texture painting, and foliage painting to help create a detailed, alive landscape. A tutorial for terrain creation in Unity can be found HERE. A similar…
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Getting Started with Unreal Engine

Besides Unity, another free game engine is the Unreal Engine by Epic. Unreal is an engine used my many indie and professional game studios. The Concordia Udemy site has a great course that takes you through Unreal and the language used for it, C++. You can find the course HERE.

Throwing Shade[rs] at Unity

When flat colors and textures aren’t enough to make your game look good, that’s where shaders come in. Shaders are responsible for water, glowing, and swaying grass in video games. Shaders can change the entire look and style of a game, and Unity has now made an easier way to create shaders in a GUI…
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PICO-8: A Dream Console

If you’re feeling nostalgic of playing gameboys, SNES, or other retro consoles, then PICO-8 is for you! PICO-8 is an application made by Lexaloffle, HERE, that looks and plays like a retro console. PICO-8 lets you play games and even make your own. PICO-8 does cost money, but you can play some games on the…
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An Introduction to Godot

When talking about game engines, Unity and Unreal tend to dominate the conversation. Today, I want to introduce a completely free and open-source game engine called Godot. Godot is a great game engine for beginners and those new to coding, so I’ve found a few great starter tutorials to learn the basics of coding and…
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