Stellarium: Gaze at the Stars of a Simulated Universe

Stellarium: Gaze at the Stars of a Simulated Universe

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This week, as part of our weekly community presentations, in which I hosted, we had taken a quick look at the free open-source astronomy software known as Stellarium.

Have you ever considered becoming a junior astronomer but you just didn’t have the proper equipment or perhaps you lived in a big city with far too much light pollution? Well, the powerful and open-source planetarium for your computer will change your monitor into a virtual open field where you can gaze at hundreds of thousands of stars in our known universe and interact with them in meaningful and intellectual ways.

If you did not have a chance to join us this past Wednesday, (July 21st), or you managed to, but still have a hunger to delve into the software a bit more, check out these great resources!

First we have a brief but complete explanation of the basics of Stellarium which is presented by Eyes On The Sky.

A Basic Stellarium Tutorial

Or, if you prefer, we have something that is a bit longer but will quite a bit more in depth and I personally followed it; This tutorial is presented by RASCANADA (The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.