Spice up Your Discord Server With Bots!

Spice up Your Discord Server With Bots!

Image Source: https://dataprot.net/news/issues/chat-app-discord-becomes-the-next-generation-silk-road/

Some of you may be familiar with Discord, which has become much more popular with the non-gaming crowds since Covid took over for normal. No matter what you may use discord for, there are some really neat things you can add to your server to make it more engaging for you, your friends, workmates, and classmates.

Even though I have been gaming for most of my life, Discord is fairly new, and while It had it’s beginnings in the gaming community, I hadn’t really bothered with it until this last year; Now discord is one of the go to programs for organizing gaming guilds and work meetings alike, and since I find myself using it much more and I find myself continuously amazed with how much you can do with it.

A video Call in Discord. Image Source: https://www.engadget.com/2017-10-06-discord-video-chat-screen-share-rollout.html

Discord is no longer just a place to send text and emoji’s to fellow gamers, now you can not only jump in high quality video calls that rival skype and zoom, but link other accounts, games, and music players to your discord app; However, I think the highlight of Discord right now is the fact that you can add bots that handle all kinds of tasks. There seems to be a bot designed to do just about anything you want, and if there isn’t, you can learn to make your own! Bots will be the focus of this week.

That being said, there is a near limitless variety of bots and I simply cannot go over all of them in this article but I would invite you to come to this week’s Show & Tell on June 23rd, all of the information you need can be found HERE and I will demonstrate some handpicked bots in our very own Discord server, which if interested, you can join here: https://discord.gg/Y3kAYKa6.

There are 2 websites that I have found to be great curators of Discord bots with many to choose from, If you want to get a sneak peak for yourself or do some extracurricular bot hunting, feel free to check them out! We have TOP.GG and DISCORD.BOTS.GG, no doubt there are dozens more to be found.

Finally, if you are more of a hands on person and want to learn how to create your own discord bots, then I have found a great starter tutorial presented by CodeLyon.

Unfortunately, we won’t be making any bots ourselves this week as there are thousands already made to check out, but I definitely plan on working on something in the future and testing it out on our own Technology Sandbox Discord Server so stay tuned for that!