Quadriptychs on Kdenlive!

Quadriptychs on Kdenlive!

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This is a tutorial on how to create a quadriptych in Kdenlive in a handful of short and easy steps. All you’ll need is four video clips, they can all be the same clip or different ones depending on what you would like to create.

Follow the steps below in order to achieve this effect:

  1. Drag one of the video clips into your timeline and drag and drop the Transform effect onto it
  2. Go to the Effect/Composition Stack and change the size of your clip to 50%
  3. Adjust the placement of the clip to the corner of your preference by using the align tools that are also in the Effect/Composition Stack (above size and opacity)
  4. Then go to Timeline at the top left of the screen, then to Tracks, you want to insert two more tracks in your timeline to put your next video clips in
  5. Then add your other video clips and repeat the first 3 steps above, make sure the video clips are stacked on top and below each other in the timeline so they are all showing up in the project monitor at the same time (An example is below the steps)
  6. And you’re done!

You can use this tool to add endless video clips to the same video file, as well as the Transform effect as a whole. It really has loads of different uses and its extremely useful the more you become familiar with it!

To download Kdenlive live click the link below: