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Circuit Simulation – circuitry to enhance your life!

Originally this post was going to be about EveryCircuit. Every circuit is an app (IOS/Android) that allows you to drag and drop electrical components and power sources and link them together. It then shows you how the circuit would behave if you actually acquired and connected real components together. I have recommended this paid app…
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Easy DIY Network services – TrueNAS

This week I did the easiest, cleanest, most effective server upgrade of my life. For those who have tried to “upgrade” an operating system in place, using the system tools, you know that it’s usually better to install the new version on a fresh slate. For those who don’t, I’m talking about the kind of…
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Phone booting Ubuntu Touch

Linux on Your “android” Phone

Many a power-user are chaffed by the limitations android has when it comes to running certain software. A phone is a pocket-computer at the end of the day, and it has every capacity to run the same software as a laptop or desktop computer, in theory. The easiest way to install linux on your android…
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DIY DoorCam – Raspberry Pi

For those who saw the “Ring Video Doorbell” and didn’t want Amazon tracking your coming-and-going, your neighbors coming-and-going, etc, You can set up a system like this yourself. The fastest and easiest setup involves flashing an SD card with a special “img” file, plugging everything in (the camera, the SD card, the raspberry pi) and…
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Show&Tell! 17Sep2020

Join us for another weekly session where present projects that we’ve been working on! Finished, or just started, are all fine. It starts at 14:30 and goes for an hour. We’re still using Zoom for now, so here is the ID: 987 6162 0878 And the password: 770145 I’ll get the ball rolling by presenting…
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Minecraft – Join Us!

Here is a little known fact: Being a Concordia student gives you free access to Minecraft educational edition. Since this is accessible to all students, the sandbox is hosting a server! So, how does one access this resource? To install and play Minecraft, you’ll first have to activate your email address, as per the…
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DIY Netflix

Many of us have ended up with extensive digital media libraries over the years of old movies, shows, and music. A way to curate and watch this content is extremely useful, and it turns out pretty easy to set up. Furthermore, if you don’t have a digital media library, and you have a spare hard…
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The Zoom Panic Button

The number of stories going around of embarrassing video chat moments has gone up dramatically. If you have one of these stories you’ve likely since figured out how to quickly and efficiently shut off your computers feed. On a related note, now is the time to get into Arduino. Here is a wonderfully documented beginner…
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July 29, 1:30-3:30 PM

Join the team to discuss the tutorials, get updates about Sandbox activities or just say hi. Join the Zoom meeting HERE. Meeting ID: 912 3694 5554 Password: 551076

Latex Printing

It’s an unspoken goal of hobbyists and academia these days to be able to 3D print every material humans have yet harnessed. Chocolate printing, organ printing, concrete printing have all been done and have made headlines, but some materials, due to their physical properties are exceptionally tricky to adapt for 3D printing. Take latex for…
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