Access the Sandbox, Remotely!

Access the Sandbox, Remotely!

If your computer isn’t cutting edge, or you don’t have the hard-drive space to install something new and big like a game engine, machine-learning libraries or rendering software, good news! All you need is some software you probably already have installed, and you can access the sandbox computers to do whatever you need!

We’ve installed the latest version of the Unity game engine, and will soon have the latest version of the Unreal engine and Godot engines installed as well. We also have a long list of python libraries, commonly used for machine learning (if you have a specific library you’d like installed, contact the sandbox technician and your request will be evaluated). Lastly, on computer lib-w211-06, we have a copy of Agisoft Metashapes installed, which is top notch photo-grametry software. Expect a post on using this software soon!

So, here are the instructions for logging into the Sandbox Computers!

Step 1! If you haven’t already, you need to install the Fortinet client from, install it, and use it to connect to the Concordia VPN. For more information and detailed instructions for how to do this, go here!

Step 2! Book a computer through libcal. Which is to say, go here, and reserve a machine for when you want to use it. Note! The length of your booking is limited, and the number of bookings you can have per week is only 3: plan accordingly!

Step 3! Connect to the VPN, then use “Remote Desktop Protocol” to connect to which-ever computer you booked. Use the instructions found here! In the step here called “Get your computer name”, instead use the name of the computer you booked, which will be one of these three:

If you have any issues, please report the problems the technology sandbox technician.