Circuit Simulation – circuitry to enhance your life!

Circuit Simulation – circuitry to enhance your life!

Originally this post was going to be about EveryCircuit. Every circuit is an app (IOS/Android) that allows you to drag and drop electrical components and power sources and link them together. It then shows you how the circuit would behave if you actually acquired and connected real components together. I have recommended this paid app to a number of friends and colleagues because it’s easy to use, and the community section allows you to find just about Every Circuit you could possibly want to build for any purpose, often with notes to help you understand or build the circuit.

However, the internet being what it is, free open source alternatives have appeared that are as-good or better. The first is (quite simply named) Circuit simulator. It’s easy to use, and runs in all of the browsers I’ve tested. In the image bellow, I’m looking at one of their example circuits, a boost converter that converts 5v to 15v. Fascinating.

The Second piece of software is BrainBox. Brain box is considerably more advanced, meant for projects and circuits of a larger more complicated scope. Still free, and still remarkable.

Both of these programs are meant to be run in a web browser, but you can install them locally:

Circuit Simulator