Hello World Tutorial for Coding Newbs

Hello World Tutorial for Coding Newbs

Image from https://develop.kde.org/docs/getting-started/hello_world/

If you’re like me and you’re new to coding software, then this Hello World tutorial is a great one since it’s an awesome way to become more comfortable with commands and command terminology. It gives simple steps to help complete your first window using the KDE framework and code.

When beginning this tutorial, you’ll need to have an IDE installed (I used Microsoft Code), which isn’t clearly stated at the start. This is probably an obvious requirement for people who are more familiar with coding, but for beginners such as myself, it’s not something that first comes to mind.

This tutorial is also a great opportunity to find which IDE works best for you. There are a lot of great free IDE’s out there that do the job well so it’s easy to switch between a few when using this simple tutorial. And you won’t lose too much when switching since you can easily mimic it within your next one.

While completing this tutorial as a beginner you’ll probably be pretty unfamiliar with the commands that are shown. You can easily copy and paste the command into your search engine and find its function through there. I recommend doing this in order to understand the process of software building a bit more.

Since this tutorial is a base for how to begin to build a software (or anything your heart desires) the commands and terminology are pretty universal in the c++ language, so it’s definitely useful from an educational standpoint. It will allow you to be more comfortable with coding and understand what to look for when creating or editing any part of the code.

That being said, this Hello World tutorial won’t teach you everything and will definitely not turn you into a coding professional, but it’s a great start. A lot of the things shown (especially the code) will still be a little confusing so it’s important to talk to your coding friends and do research while reading along. It’s easy to copy and paste commands into an IDE without knowing their functions, but to really take advantage of this learning experience and tutorial it’s important to put in that extra work!

Overall, I fully recommend following this Hello World tutorial with the KDE framework because I found it was really enlightening as a coding newb and super useful in becoming more comfortable in the coding realm. There is also a chain of additional tutorials on the KDE website after the Hello World one with a lot of great information and tools to learn from so I recommend following those as well after you complete this one!

Hello World tutorial linked below!