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Kdenlive VS Shotcut: A Video Editing Odyssey

Trying to find a free open-source video editing software that fits a filmmaker’s specific needs can be a challenge. Now there are a few solid options when it comes to advanced video editing software that works for advanced and beginner filmmakers. The two softwares that are at the top of my list are Kdenlive and…
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Is Procreate Really the Best Option?

There is a large number of drawing application out there that get the job done. But are there other options that get the job done as well as Procreate that work as applications on iPad and iPhone that are also free? To answer this question, I did a test run of 3 different free drawing…
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Hello World Tutorial for Coding Newbs

If you’re like me and you’re new to coding software, then this Hello World tutorial is a great one since it’s an awesome way to become more comfortable with commands and command terminology. It gives simple steps to help complete your first window using the KDE framework and code. When beginning this tutorial, you’ll need…
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