Ever Run Out of Ideas?

Ever Run Out of Ideas?

Do you need inspirations for off the wall ideas? Perhaps you’re trying to innovate, captivate the market through a new trend or you’re a marketing student trying to find new ideas.

Different than standard educational posts, I figured this time I would go with a TV show.

Here is a show full of ideas – very different ideas. Making it on the news multiple times for ideas that stemmed from his show, I present… Nathan For You!

The premise is helping failing businesses to boost their business. From a parody Starbucks, wild ice cream flavors to many crazier and wilder ideas, this show will make you rethink business ideas in general.

There are clips and episodes available on YouTube and online. It may still air on TV every once in a while.

As an example, here’s an idea you probably would never have thought of:

Believe it or not, this is not a completely ridiculous idea (there may or may not be businesses out there doing exactly this).