Author: Michael

Show & Tell! 22 Oct. 2020

This week’s show and tell will be about organizing your electrical components! Join us to see some options and share yours alongside any ideas and projects you’re working on! It starts at 14:30 and goes on for an hour. Zoom Meeting ID: 862 7676 5257Password: 123456

From Mac to Penguin!

Do you have an old computer lying around and do not know what to do with it? Is it really old and not really worth anything? Before you throw it out in the garbage, try giving it a second life! I happen to have a bunch of old things around. Among them, an old 2nd…
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Myo Armband Complete Destruction

I was recently tasked to do a teardown of a Myo Armband. If you’re not familiar with it, the Myo Armband is a bracelet with muscle sensors you put on your arm (ha! who would’ve guessed?). In essence, when you move your fingers, wrist or arm, it moves the muscles inside and the Myo detects…
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Need an Arduino? Let me hook you up!

In normal times, you could walk in the Sandbox, we explain to you how the lending process works and eventually you leave with an Arduino kit (or many other things we have available on loan…). While our loans are not currently available, fret not, we’ve got you! Have you been wanting to try a arduino…
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Video Stabilization

Have you taken a video while walking but it’s excessively jerky? Do you watch it and get motion sickness? Here’s a quick tip I’ve discovered in Adobe Premiere – Video Stabilization! There’s a few different ways of doing it in general but in Adobe Premiere, it essentially moves the video around and crops some of…
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Show & Tell! 24 Sept 2020

Join us for another weekly session where we present projects that we’ve been working on! This time hosted by the workstudies! Finished, or just started, are all fine. It starts at 14:30 and goes for an hour. Zoom Meeting ID: 996 1047 8082 Password: 776122 On the menu, image stabilization through Adobe Premiere! I will…
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Ever Run Out of Ideas?

Do you need inspirations for off the wall ideas? Perhaps you’re trying to innovate, captivate the market through a new trend or you’re a marketing student trying to find new ideas. Different than standard educational posts, I figured this time I would go with a TV show. Here is a show full of ideas –…
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Video Editing Basics

Ever spend some time on YouTube looking at videos wondering how someone edited it and put it together? Ever wanted to do the same for yours? Perhaps to slow down time or zoom and pan on a certain section? Fear not, here is a basic tutorial for Adobe Premiere! These are some basic videos I’ve…
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DIY Self-Watering Planters

It’s nice to have plants at home but how often do you forget to water them? That’s why there is some self-watering planters you can easily make at home! The first one is my favorite: Now it also happens to be a pandemic and everyone is stuck at home. Perhaps you have too many wine…
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Don’t Burn This Summer!

While perhaps a bit late to the summer party, it’s not too late to make a UV Sensor! Following my last post about UV light, this is a nice follow up and a good practice for micro controllers. Using an Arduino and one of the easily available UV sensors, you can make your own device…
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