touch bar games

touch bar games

Do you have a mac pro with a touch bar? If you have one or planning on getting one, There are some cute you can play using your touch bar!

touch bar pet is a touch bar game you can download for your Mac pro touch bar, similar to the popular Tamagotchi digital pet, when you launch the game, you will find a tiny cat on your touch bar and you can feed it and play with it using “laser”.

Apple MacBook電子寵物!新增「Touch Bar Pet」功能80、90後回憶再現| GirlStyle 女生日常

touch bar pong is a ping pong game you can control your paddle using touch bar to hit back the ball, as a classic game everyone loves, easy download on app store, it is worth a try!

Do you know when you open google without the internet and there is a hidden game where you can control a dinosaur to jump to avoid obstacles, the game is called T-rex run, and guess what, there is a touch bar version! You just tap the touch bar instead of the space bar and you can start.

Google Chrome dinosaur game Python bot. | by Taras Rumezhak | Becoming  Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine