Bricklink’s 2: Open Source Lego Design!

Bricklink’s 2: Open Source Lego Design!

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This week, we will be taking a quick look at Bricklink’s Studio 2 AKA “”. The website Bricklink is primarily a marketplace and community for Lego enthusiasts to share design ideas as well as Buy & Sell various physical Lego sets that are typically no longer available through the manufacturer.

One of the coolest features of the website is the fact that it hosts a program called Studio 2 or “ 2” which is a completely open source program that allows you to live out your fondest of childhood memories and construct just about anything in Lego, all for free! Not only can you quickly and intuitively build Lego in a familiar three dimensional plane, but you can also share it with the community to be praised, build detailed instruction manuals for your very own creations, as well as place orders for your 3d designs to be translated into physical Lego sets.

Here is a great introductory tutorial by the Youtube channel AFOL TV, a channel that is focused completely on Lego reviews and builds. This tutorial will get you familiar with the most commonly used parts of the user interface and will guide you through building a Barbeque in Studio 2.

From what I have seen so far, Studio 2 is quite intuitive and the learning curve is small, so you can quickly get to re-experiencing your childhood and building all kinds of neat contraptions! So give the tutorial a run and check out all the neat ways you can experience, build, and share Lego with the rest of the internet.

Stay tuned, as the chances are pretty high that we will check this out at my upcoming Show & Tell live session on July 21st where we will get a little more hands-on and in-depth. Happy building!