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Make Pixel Art for Video Games

Most indie games now use pixel art for their game assets. Pixel art is an easy to learn medium and looks great with less effort than 3D or vector art. Making pixel art for video games is a bit different than making pixel art as art pieces. This video HERE is a great guide to…
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Show and Tell April 13

It’s the last show and tell of the winter semester, so we’re going to (not) play some zero-player games and learn about what they are. The game can be found HERE. The zoom meeting will be HERE at 1pm on Tuesday. Or you can join with meeting ID: 829 7708 3019 and password: 982778.

Don’t Play These Games

Zero player games are a type of video game that requires no players. Zero players games are more like simulations than games, but they are still enjoyable. They’re like a virtual fish tank to watch and enjoy. The game of life by Conway is the most well-known zero player game. There’s an online version you…
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Parallax Pixel Art Backgrounds

Parallax backgrounds are background with layers that move at different speeds to simulate depth. It is a really cool effect to add to games or animations. THIS tutorial shows how easy parallax is to do in Unity and includes the code used.

Unity for 3D Animation with Cinemachine

Unity is not just a game engine, but can be used for 3D animation too. Unity has a built in package called Cinemachine that helps you create dynamic cameras and switch between shots easily. Cinemachine can also be used in games to make cameras that follow objects or switch between each other easily. A great…
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AI Image Upscaler

If you’ve just found the perfect background for your computer, but then you try it and it looks fuzzy and has a low resolution. You can use an image upscaler to take a low resolution image and turn into a higher resolution image. Machine learning has made image upscaling easy and gives much better results…
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Show and Tell March 23

This week’s show and tell we’ll be looking at a fun way to try 3D modelling and animation using this site HERE. The zoom meeting will be HERE at 1pm on Tuesday. Or you can join with meeting ID: 829 7708 3019 and password: 982778.

Make Some Monsters

If you want to try 3D modelling and animating and just play around, try this fun 3D modelling project from a recent research paper. HERE is a video explaining the paper and showing how to use the software to create some cute monsters. HERE is the web-based version of the project where you can try…
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Intro to Data Science

If you’re interested in learning data science or machine learning, the Data Professor on YouTube is a great place to start. Data science is a massive field, and can even touch other fields such as machine learning and big data. Python and Jupyter notebook are the most common tools for data science and are what…
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Pixel Art Normal Maps

If you’re wanting to make a 3D game with pixel art textures, ie. Minecraft-style, normal maps are an easy way to add depth and shading. Normal maps are a way of using a 2D texture to simulate depth and detail. Adding a normal map to your pixel art textures makes it look like the 2D…
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