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Making Terrain in Unity and Unreal

Both Unity and Unreal engines have tools for you to make large, spanning landscapes for games or just for rendering a scene. Both engines have landscape tools such as sculpting, texture painting, and foliage painting to help create a detailed, alive landscape. A tutorial for terrain creation in Unity can be found HERE. A similar…
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Control Your PC Gaming

Since finals have ended and we have an extended winter break, its time to take a break from work and have some fun playing video games. If you want to do some PC gaming, but don’t want to use a keyboard, you can grab a controller from another console and use it to play on…
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Getting Started with Unreal Engine

Besides Unity, another free game engine is the Unreal Engine by Epic. Unreal is an engine used my many indie and professional game studios. The Concordia Udemy site has a great course that takes you through Unreal and the language used for it, C++. You can find the course HERE.

Crawling Your Way through the Web, One Hiss at A Time.

If you’re building a bot or trying to collect data from a website, web scraping is the way to go. Web scraping pulls text from website and lets you format and save the data in an easy format like json. The easiest way to make your own web scraper is with python and the library…
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How to Make Your Own DIY Ambilight

An Ambilight is lights that you put behind your monitor or TV that match the colours on screen to add extra immersion. Ambilights are expensive to buy, so we’ll make our own with Arduinos and addressable leds. This tutorial HERE goes through how to make your own DIY Ambilight.

Show and Tell Nov. 26!

For this week’s show and tell, we’ll look at some shaders in Unity and how they’re made. The meeting starts at 2:30 and goes on for about an hour. Meeting ID: 842 8527 0829Password: 673505

Throwing Shade[rs] at Unity

When flat colors and textures aren’t enough to make your game look good, that’s where shaders come in. Shaders are responsible for water, glowing, and swaying grass in video games. Shaders can change the entire look and style of a game, and Unity has now made an easier way to create shaders in a GUI…
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PBR Materials for Photorealism

Physically-Based Rendered materials or PBR materials are materials for 3D models that are based on scans from real life objects. They combine different types of materials, such as albedo for colour and metallic and normal maps to make an object look shiny, and textured. THIS site is a great resource for many free, high-quality PBR…
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PICO-8: A Dream Console

If you’re feeling nostalgic of playing gameboys, SNES, or other retro consoles, then PICO-8 is for you! PICO-8 is an application made by Lexaloffle, HERE, that looks and plays like a retro console. PICO-8 lets you play games and even make your own. PICO-8 does cost money, but you can play some games on the…
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How to Change File Icons on Your Computer

Everyone has been spending a lot more time on their computers lately, whether it be online classes or work from home, so you might be a bit tired of staring at the same screen every day. Those blue or yellow folder icons are getting a bit boring, so let’s change them to make them more…
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