Technology Sandbox Policy

The Library Code of Conduct applies to the use of the Technology Sandbox, including its section on food and beverages; that is no food is allowed in the Technology Sandbox, with the exception of beverages in spill-proof containers.

Access to equipment

All equipment in our space exists on an experimental, as-is basis. We are here to try new things and sometimes they will break, be in-use or not work as expected!


All equipment on loan is subject to the late fees/replacement fees as specified in the Library Loans Policy. If in doubt, please ask when borrowing the equipment.


The Technology Sandbox provides no storage for individual projects. When you are done working in the space, please bring your personal materials with you. Projects left in the Technology Sandbox unattended will be recycled as parts for other Sandbox projects.

Computer Usage

Please refrain from using the Technology Sandbox’s workstations for activities that could be accomplished on other library computers ex. Web browsing.

Everything that is used in the space should be returned to its proper place. You are responsible for leaving your workspace as clean or cleaner than you found it.


Ask for assistance on ANY tool you are not familiar with. For any powered tool (including the digital die cutter and 3D printer) you have not used in the Sandbox before please (even if you have extensive 3D printing experience) consult with the staff before using. In order to keep things working smoothly we have certain workflows that must be respected.

Please dress appropriately for the equipment you are using

Use safety glasses if cutting wires, soldering or using power tools and tie back long hair for work with any power tools. Please consider the safety of your neighbor. If you see someone using the equipment in an unsafe manner, please advise them or a staff member immediately.