Similar projects

Title:Curated by Marina Abramović #1: Long-durational listening event
Institution:Royal Danish Library
Summary:"Inspired by her own continuing exploration of long-durational performances, Marina Abramović has developed this 15-hour-long listening event where the audience will be able to hear the entire autobiography recorded by the artist herself accompanied by selected photos from Abramović' personal archive."
Dates:November 11, 2017


Title:Logan Squared: Ode to Philly (Emeka Ogboh featuring Ursula Rucker)
Institution:Parkway Central Library (Philadelphia, PA)
Summary:"Part of the citywide Monument Lab exhibition, Logan Squared is a sound monument to public voice and collective memory. Ogboh’s work incorporates Rucker's poetry and choral music, braiding sounds together for an immersive experience."
Dates:September 24, 2017


Title:Sacred Sounds: A Compassionate Listening Guide to Musical Worship
Institution:Brigham Young University, Museum of Art, Harold B. Lee Library
Summary:"The purpose of this exhibit is to inspire empathy and understanding between members of the three primary Abrahamic religions through the lens of devotional sounds. Visitors will enjoy a sampling of sounds, from the Muslim “Call to Prayer” to Jewish liturgical verses to Christian choral antiphons in the form of a guided audio tour."
Dates:November 10 – February 2, 2018


Title:Sound Art in the Library
Institution:Columbia University Libraries
Summary:"Six current students from the MFA Sound Arts program will present installations and performances of their work, exploring different possibilities of the Music & Arts Library space."
Dates:October 27, 2017


Title:Sound Artist in Residence
Institution:University of London, Senate House Library,
Summary:Sound artists take up a residency which involves creating sound art in or for the library as well as writing regular blog posts.


Title:That Library Sound
Institution:Ithaka S+R
Summary:Senior Researcher Danielle Cooper discusses sound in libraries and gives examples of sound recordings that feature sounds from library and other academic spaces, so that listeners can have access to these sounds while studying outside the library.
Dates:November 2, 2015