Video Stabilization

Video Stabilization

Have you taken a video while walking but it’s excessively jerky? Do you watch it and get motion sickness? Here’s a quick tip I’ve discovered in Adobe Premiere – Video Stabilization!

There’s a few different ways of doing it in general but in Adobe Premiere, it essentially moves the video around and crops some of the edges so it is hidden from you to try and make a smoother video.

There’s many tutorials on the topic but this is the one I liked the most and presented it in an easy manner:

I’ll also include this one as it is in text format and has a gif showing what you need to do, instead of a full video:

For a full experiment, I’m posting my attempt at the project. While the other Premiere tutorial I posted about worked great for me, this one ran into some issues. Truth be told, the video I used is a tough one.

I’ve included in it various attempts and options to show the differences.

To top it off, this wouldn’t a proper Sandbox post with at least one alternative – a free one for image stabilization in this case.
Animotica is a full editing suite availabe on Windows 10. While normally a paid software, it will allow you to use its video stabilization feature for free. Below is the result using the same video as earlier:

Significantly smoother than my other attempts with Premiere, it has a significant ‘wave’ to it. Stabilization always has a cost but it is an interesting option to know about.