Video Editing Basics

Video Editing Basics

Ever spend some time on YouTube looking at videos wondering how someone edited it and put it together?

Ever wanted to do the same for yours? Perhaps to slow down time or zoom and pan on a certain section?

Fear not, here is a basic tutorial for Adobe Premiere!

These are some basic videos I’ve watched to do simple edits.

While we have Adobe Premiere at the Sandbox, if you do not have the chance to have it at home, here’s another alternative:

DaVinci Resolve is a free (for personal use) video editing software for Mac, Windows and Linux. It has some guides on how to use it to boot.

The idea is fairly simple, cut and separate the slices of video you want to edit, apply what you want (this will create keyframes in Premiere) and you can let the software blend them together. It can be used to put many videos together like a compilation or do pan, zoom, slowdown and an array of other options. There is a learning curve but I found it quite fun!

I hope you have fun learning a new skill!