Useful Sources to Get Started in Twine

Useful Sources to Get Started in Twine

Twine is a free, open source, interactive game creator, that is simple and easy for anyone wishing to play around with game development. There is a wide array of tools to use including different tasks, formats, tags, and many more. To make things a bit easier for you, I am providing a short list of useful tutorials on Twine’s need to know basics (plus one random tutorial) that I found useful within the start to my interactive fiction game journey.

  1. Building a Combination lock in Twine 2, Harlowe by ddall1

This tutorial is a cool one, it introduces the infinite number of things to create in your interactive fiction game world with Twine. The tutorial is easy to follow along and includes images which is helpful. With the easily accessible commands that you can copy and paste you will have a combination lock in no time!

2. Agency: The Key to Making Fun, Immersive, Non-Linear Interactive Twine Games by Sharpe

This article is somethings that’s outside of the features and tools within Twine but more solely focus on the written part of the game. This has good tips on how to make your game captivating to the viewer, which can sometimes be difficult on a text-based game. If you’re serious about the game you’re producing but are a bit stuck on the writing techniques, I would check this article out.

3. Make Your Twine 2.1 Game Look Awesome with CSS (SugarCube 2) by Adam Hammond (video below)

This one covers the basics of Twine but also SugarCube as well which is good if you want to get more into the code aspect of Twine with CSS. It shows you some basic commands to change the stylization of your passages and has a fun little animation you can do as well.

4. Twine 2.0 Harlowe Beginner’s Guide by Jeremiah McCall

This is the super basics of Twine tutorials where it’s giving an introduction of Twine, but more specifically in the story format Harlowe. It simple to follow and read, while also providing a pdf of the tutorial with images and a few other things. This is a good one to have on hand since you will probably find yourself coming back to it pretty often at the beginning.

Aside from the Twine tutorials I provided there are numerous other that are just a search away! I hope these tutorials will help you onto a path of becoming a Twine and interactive game creator pro.

To download use Twine online or download it click the link here.