The Easiest Way to Create an Interactive Fiction Game

The Easiest Way to Create an Interactive Fiction Game

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Twine, created by Chris Klimas, is a free, open-source software that can be used online and offline to easily create interactive fiction games. The clean interface and tools make even the most complicated game enjoyable to create.

 Twine has great style formats that make it easy for anybody, especially those who are unfamiliar with coding, to create a game simply and efficiently. There are options to edit the interface through code if you would like which is a great feature since it really makes the opportunities endless. But if not the standard formats and options within those are perfect and still make an awesome game.

A great feature with Twine is that it publishes to HTML, so it makes the game you create easily accessible to you and people you want to share it with. The accessibility of Twine considering it’s free, open-source, and publishes directly to HTML creates a vast amount of possibilities for what you can create without a single fee. It’s truly great.

On an educational standpoint, this is a great tool to use in order to get more familiar with code. There are options to edit the game through the CSS and JavaScript and if these are new to you, there are some great tutorials out there that can help with editing in Twine using code.

The video below by Adam Hammond is a great beginner tutorial on how to use CSS to edit the visual aspects of your game.

Overall Twine is a great tool to create interactive fiction games, whether you’re new to game development or not. It’s also just fun to play around with, you truly get lost in creating your own world and you can do some really fun stuff with it.

If you want to download  Twine or use it online click the link here.