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MuseScore 3: An Open-Source Alternative to Sheet Music Based Composition

Image Source: https://linux-os.net/musescore-3-0-una-nueva-version-de-este-programa-de-notacion-musical/ This week, we are taking a look at an Open -Source musical tablature editor called MuseScore 3. I discovered this fantastic program when I was searching for printable blank sheet music on which to practice my musical compositions. As it turns out, not only is MuseScore 3 an effective digital alternative to…
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Spice up your Discord Server : Show & Tell June 23rd @ 2:00 pm

Image Source: https://dataprot.net/news/issues/chat-app-discord-becomes-the-next-generation-silk-road/ Some of you may be familiar with Discord, which has become much more popular with the non-gaming crowds since Covid took over for normal. No matter what you may use discord for, there are some really neat things you can add to your server to make it more engaging for you, your…
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