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PyGame: Let’s beat the machine learning model

Today, this week we will be doing a fun activity as we always do but this time we will try to beat the machine learning model. Wait, what!!! Can it be possible?? I don’t know the answer to the question.😬 But this is the competition between us and the machine learning model. Let’s start setting…
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Practical Machine Learning with Kaggle

I always liked to learn anything in action. It feels so great to see the results immediately. Also, I can gain a better understanding of the problem. I did the same for machine learning. I’ve been developing applications for years and I wanted to jump into the Machine Learning world. There were a lot of…
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Hands-On Machine Learning Without Coding

Got shocked by reading the title!!! 😱 Yes, this is possible. You can do experiments on the computer vision task. Today, I’ll talk about, that if we have brief knowledge about the basic working of machine learning algorithms i.e., Gathering data, Training model, and Evaluating Results. These are three basic steps everyone should know about…
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