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Autonomous Vehicle: Self Driving Car Simulator

Hello, today we will talk about the simple working of self-driving cars using python and deep learning. We will create a convolutional neural network in the Keras framework that will detect the road and automatically turn the steering as per the path. Let’s Get Started First of all, we need to download the dataset for…
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YouTube: Stream the audio and video Ad-Free

Hello, this week we will talk about the free version of YouTube Music and stream the videos without any ads which mean you don’t have to pay for purchasing the subscription for the ad-free music and videos. You can have a subscription-free mobile app and desktop software. 🤩😎 Follow the steps to have a free…
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Get Free Dev Tools with Concordia Account

As a Tech student, I’ve always wanted to learn and expand my knowledge about edge technologies and be aware of trends. It’s not possible without using proper tools and applications. So I started looking for trending technologies and tools and take their advantages. But, there was a little problem. Money! 🙁 Yeah, there is a…
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