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Spice up your Discord Server : Show & Tell June 23rd @ 2:00 pm

Image Source: https://dataprot.net/news/issues/chat-app-discord-becomes-the-next-generation-silk-road/ Some of you may be familiar with Discord, which has become much more popular with the non-gaming crowds since Covid took over for normal. No matter what you may use discord for, there are some really neat things you can add to your server to make it more engaging for you, your…
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Buried Treasure: The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Image Source: https://www.prosiebengames.de/magazin/spielgenre-news/rpgs-und-mmorpgs/the-elder-scrolls-2-daggerfall-unity-remake-bis-zum-story-ende-spielbar It is no doubt that many of you are familiar with the 2011 behemoth in gaming that was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as well as it’s many resurrections and special editions that have been released in the years since, but many are not familiar with the much older titles by Bethesda,…
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