Tag: Arduino

Don’t Burn This Summer!

While perhaps a bit late to the summer party, it’s not too late to make a UV Sensor! Following my last post about UV light, this is a nice follow up and a good practice for micro controllers. Using an Arduino and one of the easily available UV sensors, you can make your own device…
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The Zoom Panic Button

The number of stories going around of embarrassing video chat moments has gone up dramatically. If you have one of these stories you’ve likely since figured out how to quickly and efficiently shut off your computers feed. On a related note, now is the time to get into Arduino. Here is a wonderfully documented beginner…
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On Moisture Sensors for plants

Moisture sensors suck. This link is an excellent deep dive into why the sensors on the market right now aren’t great. Use nails. This guys doesn’t literally use nails, but he demonstrates the circuit you would need. For my own plants, since they are indoors and my living conditions are quite stable, I won’t be…
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