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3D Printer Basics – Bed Leveling

This week will continue the topic of 3D printers and common issues. Starting at the basic, we will go for bed leveling. A bed that is not level can cause many of the issues that were present in last week’s guides. While there are many guides available online and YouTube videos, I selected this one…
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3D Printer Basics

My name is Michael. I am an ENCS student and was a regular at the Technology Sandbox before becoming an employee. My interests cover a little bit of everything, like a jack of all trades, with a focus on micro-controllers and things with motors. Aside coding and technology, I also enjoy fixing motorcycles and hacking…
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3D Printer Basics – Supports

Now that we’ve covered Slicers during last week’s edition, it’s time to check out supports. Support is when you have something floating in mid-air with nothing under. This is usually called overhang. Since the 3D printers we’ve talked about here build layer by layer with something supporting it under every time, if you were to…
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